Data Loss Prevention

It's an enterprise content-aware data loss prevention(DLP) solution that discovers, monitors and protects confidential data wherever it’s stored or used — across your network, storage and endpoint systems.

  • Monitor and protect data sent over corporate email and web. One of the most common channels of data loss are email and the Web. Symantec DLP monitors network egress points and endpoints to prevent confidential data from being sent in outbound messages and posts.

    DLP for Network

    Monitors and protects data sent over the following network protocols: SMTP/TLS, HTTP/HTTPS, IM and FTP.

    DLP for Endpoint

    Monitors and protects data sent from email clients and webmail when users are both on and off your corporate network.

    DLP for Mobile

    Monitors and protects data sent from iPads and iPhones: ActiveSync, Web and iOS apps including Gmail, Facebook and Dropbox.

  • Discover and protect exposed data on file servers, databases and data repositories. Sensitive files stored on your network are highly vulnerable to data loss and theft. Symantec DLP scans your data center to find confidential data, identify data owners and secure exposed files.

    DLP for Storage

    Finds confidential data on file servers, databases, collaboration platforms and other data repositories; automatically relocates or copies exposed files and folders to a secure location.

    DLP for Data Insight

    Monitors file usage and access patterns on Network-Attached Storage (NAS) filers and Windows servers, identifies data owners and alerts you to any unusual or malicious activity.


    Monitor and protect data stored and used on laptops and desktops. Employees are downloading and sending confidential data to/from their laptops while in the office, on the road or at home. The Symantec DLP Agent locally monitors endpoint activities — both on and off the corporate network — for data loss policy violations.

    DLP for Endpoint

    Discovers, monitors and protects data that is stored and used on endpoints: local drive, removable storage, email, Web and IM. It includes data copied to USB drives, burned to CDs/DVDs, downloaded to local drives, printed or faxed, sent using the network or encrypted/concealed with high-risk applications.

  • Enable secure use of data on iPads and iPhones. Employees are bringing in mobile devices with or without permission from IT Security. Symantec DLP monitors network egress points to prevent confidential data from being sent in outbound mobile communications.

    DLP for Mobile

    Monitors and protects data sent from your iPad and iPhone mail client, browser and apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox.

  • Protect data sent to Exchange, SharePoint and Gmail. Enterprises are increasingly turning to cloud service providers to outsource internal applications and systems. As confidential information moves outside the four walls of your business, how do you protect it? Symantec DLP enables secure use of information by extending your data security policies to email and collaboration systems hosted by service providers like Microsoft and Google.

    DLP for Network

    Monitors and protects data that is sent to/from Microsoft Office 365 Exchange, SharePoint and Gmail.
    Physical Security by DVR Surveillance camera and Door access system,

     Wireless Security by Cisco and Aruba

     IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager