IT Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning Singapore

Business continuity is vital to business success and as a business owner you have a lot invested in your data. From customer contact information, sales and inventory data, to your accounting information – the data you’ve accumulated over the years is one of your most valuable business assets. Every business owner realizes the importance of backing up their business data, yet they’re often uncertain the best way to go about it. Moreover, many don’t realize that the vast majority of data loss is not the result of a major disaster, but rather smaller, more likely problems, such as hard drive failures, viruses, lightning strikes, and even theft.

Business Continuity and Resiliency Services can help you maintain near-continuous business operations and assist in managing regulatory compliance, improved systems availability, data protection and the integration of IT operational risk management strategies. Our services take you from planning and design through implementation and management, with a stronger commitment to understanding your ever-changing business requirements.

We leverage advanced tools to better understand your resilience needs, help design a security-rich business continuity plan designed to address your vulnerabilities and better manage your compliance requirements, and help you reduce overall risks.

Sysnet Services offers: