Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing allows your business to move part (or all) of the company's technology infrastructure into the Cloud. There is a lot of confusion on the internet regarding the "Cloud”, "it in the cloud" and what it means. Essentially, the Cloud is a different name for a data center from which you can lease hardware resources. Instead of purchasing a server for your organization for which you will need to provide space, cooling, maintenance and electricity a company may choose to lease this server from a reputable data center. Additional benefits of Cloud Solutions include data redundancy, backup and content delivery networks (the ability to deliver your data to different sections of the world instantly). As a Technology partner Sysnet will give the right Cloud Solution based on your actual business requirements.


if you need Email system with better email support as MS Exchange server then we will propose the Office 365 cloud email system .Further we will do all the job for cloud email setup / transfer from on premises email to cloud with minimal down time and proper training for you to create office 365 users, reset password and other user management task with our expert team.

We can provide better cloud support as a Cloud Computing partner of Microsoft.